“Why does he like the Devil? Because the Devil put FEAR in him when he was a little boy”

Today we are living in a society where the top 1% of the population get what they want using fear. Just as it was during the time of slavery and ever since, “they” are willing to sacrifice innocent people just to make a statement, just to instill fear in the greater population. Even before that, didn’t Machiavelli say its better to be feared than loved? uhm i don’t agreee, leaders should be respected and loved. Fear breeds a society of robots that just do whatever they are told in order to remain safe because after all, it is an innate human feature to want to survive and feel safe.


you know when you cant explain how your feeling..?

Yea, im there now. I really dont know what it is && why i feel this way but i dont feel like myself. Im not necessarily sad, but im very bothered && it kinda came out of no where. I was sitting in the engineering building doing Dynamics with PQ…as usual. Of course we got no where because we just dont understand. && everytime we are doing dynamics we get looks from the upperclasssmen like “good luck” && “oh i failed dynamics”…well thats not really an option for me. FAILING ISNT AN OPTION! i need to stay in school because 1. i actually kinda love it. 2. my parents are investing so much in me, its ridiculous. 3. because I want to && i know i can to it! But idk how to get from where i am to where i wanna be..yaKnow?! im just blaming it on the fact that i havent had any family interaction in like 3 months which is pretty Loooooong for me. but i could just be making that up. Its crazy how some peopl would never know how im really feeling. I may still be smiling and laughing & joking but im going through something on the inside. But i know i will get thorugh it because 1. Im going home next weekend && 2. because God doesnt allow us to go through any struggle that we cannot handle. So i just gotta “GET IT TOGETHER” 

The Chins !


The Chins !

The nextt most important thing to me is my family. I was blessed to number 4 out of 7 children and I am truly grateful. There was and still is never a dull moment at the house. It a party when all 7 of us are in the house. I thank God everyday for my beautiful parents that LOVE their children to no end. We may not always have what we want but we
A L W A Y S have what we need. Our family keeps multiplying everyday && im just so honored to be part of this extraordinary family.